Published in 2020 by Edward Elgar, and called “an essential reference guide” by Arizona State University President Michael Crow, this edited handbook offers a comprehensive resource for understanding the pressures and promise of the research enterprise at innovative universities everywhere. Across twenty chapters, written by leading experts worldwide, the book places intellectual property issues in technology transfer in historical and political context while also contextually framing the ever complicating intersection of these domains for innovative universities. This book describes the history and future of how these fields intersect, addressing such questions as “How did we get here?”, “How can universities use patents to further the common good?,” and “How will data and new technologies change our understanding of intellectual property and technology transfer?”

Published in 2019 by Wiley, this two-volume text, now in its 6th edition, is the authoritative treatise in the field of law and higher education. An indispensable resource for university counsel and others working in higher education, the treatise provides current and historical case coverage as well as recommendations for navigating the highly regulated environment of American higher education in the 21st Century.

Published in 2016 by Johns Hopkins University Press, this groundbreaking book examines higher education’s growing embrace of intellectual property and how it threatens to undermine the public’s trust in higher education.

Learn more here about the book from the publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press, or check out favorable coverage in Journal of College & University LawInside Higher Ed, Teachers College Record, Times Higher Education, The Review of Higher Education, The IP Law Book Review, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.